Welcome to ProblemPoker

We help individuals stop gambling online. For some people, gambling is an addiction: they feel that it is impossible to walk away from the casino table. With the advent of online gambling, gaming companies have brought the casino table right into your home. As with any addiction, people need help to overcome gambling's lure. ProblemPoker seeks to remove that casino table from your home.

Buy a subscription to our gambling self-exclusion program, and let ProblemPoker begin helping you block your access to online gambling web sites by filtering your existing web connection. Every plan includes a 1-day free trial. Our powerful Internet blocking service will guard your computer from any content providing online wagering activities.

ProblemPoker.com will not provide a subscriber with an un-installation key during an active exclusion period. However, you may cancel your subscription and after the exclusion period expires our blocker will automatically become inactive.